In the month of August 2015, I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah for 10 days to make a record in a home studio produced by Aaron Gillespie and engineered by Andrew Goldring. I tracked everything myself, with the exception of a few things Gillespie and Goldring through in. This is what that sounds like.

GH single art.JPG

Glass House

by The Mayfair

Produced by Aaron Gillespie

Engineered by Andrew Goldring

Recorded at Soundcave Productions (Salt Lake City, Utah)

the anthem music album review

"Overall, The Mayfair is a shining example of songwriting, cohesion and musicianship. Though a one man ship, this album has nothing but interesting ideas, executed exceptionally well. Check it out today!"!Album-Review-The-Mayfair-Glass-House-Produced-by-Aaron-Gillespie/c21kp/576ac36b0cf258cfddd7c021

currently streaming interview

"Sebastian Quintero of The Mayfair is a rarity in a music world where honesty and sincerity are becoming scarce, but everyday hope is given as more artists like him rise to the occasion of making music for the passion of it rather than the notoriety."

"If I Believe you" the 1975 cover